Apteryx(z) Live Coding [live stream]

16 May
19:00 – 21:00 Performative with Apteryx(z)

Apteryx(z) Live Coding [live stream]

Live coding is a specific kind of performing arts where you turn programming into integral part of the algorithmic musical composition.

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Apteryx(z) is a group of livecoding artists that spontaneously organized itself thanks to the common interest in algorithmic musical composition. This [dis]organized international collective of people with different tastes and preferences will perform music that can be chaotic, happy, sad, deep, trippy or simply crazy.

Get ready for building things, breaking them, and testing the limits of the hardware. Collaborative jam sessions on the fly with little to no previous plan will be completely improvised. 


>> Apteryx(z) is a group of coding Artists, IP connectors and citizens of a global village, that gossip a newborn breed of audio-visual art.

>> The choice of the group name has been inspired by a bird with the same name (also known as Kiwi) and it's funny head isolated movements that made us all laugh.

>> This [dis]organized international collective of codejunk-spitting cyberpunks, a Global Conglomeration of independent musical artists jam, experiment, play, talk, and have fun while creating collaborative Art.

>> Our thumb rule is: “Let’s open up our editors, we will see and hear what is going to happen next.”


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KittyClock (Prague, CZ)

BBScar (Berlin, DE)

Sprucer (S.F., USA)

Noodl (Detroit, USA)

Laelume (Brooklyn, USA)

19:00 – 21:00 Performative with Apteryx(z)

Apteryx(z) Live Coding [live stream]